Database applications are the primary vehicle for storing, accessing, and maintaining large volumes of textual and graphical data. Relational database programming languages were created 30 years ago with the advent of dBase. The need for automated data access grew, and so did the applications. The programming languages allowed greater efficiency in data accessing for entry, editing, and reporting. The market grew from mainframes, into desktop PCs, and finally into networks. These networks can service a huge number of simultaneous workstations for such businesses as the stock market, banking, insurance, real estate, and industry.

Databases, in the most distilled form, are the same across any application platform. We at infinite quanta provide custom database applications to businesses that require a personal touch, along with efficiency and complete automation.

infinite quanta began with database applications in 1985. In that time, we have created applications for pest control, credit reporting and management, fleet maintenance, plant or facility maintenance, accounting packages, inventory, invoicing, and sales tracking.

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