Fleet Dynamics is a dynamic system. Even though the original program is over 24 years old, we still listen to the needs of our customers. We currently release a new version of the program approximately every six months.

Fleet Dynamics Client/Server 32/64 has been released for Microsoft Windows for 32- and 64-bit processing and power with the look and feel of Windows. The 32- and 64-bit processing power, coupled with the server side database storage and processing, makes Fleet Dynamics C/S 32 the most technologically advanced and user friendly system available today. This entire web site has been dedicated to the Windows version of Fleet Dynamics. Also, please review Hardware & OSs and Client/Server for more information concerning the requirements of our Fleet Dynamics System for Windows 32 and 64.

Fleet Dynamics currently provides standard bar coding for parts inventory, repair orders, and purchase orders using the Symbol Phaser 360 [in Acrobat (PDF)]. However, we are currently upgrading Fleet Dynamics to include this capability for equipment, systems, and mechanics. Standard bar code scanners will read these bar codes to allow for faster and more accurate searching and editing within Fleet Dynamics.

The server-side of Fleet Dynamics will also run off of the Linux operating system. Linux is an open source Unix operating system available to your company at little or no cost. It will provide an excellent alternative to the Microsoft operating systems and currently competes with Microsoft in terms of speed, stability, and cost.

In summary, the next version of Fleet Dynamics will be tailored to any type of repair shop and thus the needs of the entire maintenance community.

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