Fleet Dynamics features a complete employee tracking system. The system is designed to track the mechanic jobs and time for each repair. This information is compiled in reports to provide the fleet manager with the mechanic's efficiency and time for any day, week, month, or year. Fleet Dynamics will also track drivers and other types of employees.

The fleet manager will be able to view all the employees information at the touch of a button. In general, this information includes the employee's personal address, emergency contact, driver license number and expiration, hourly repair/driver rates for expense tracking, trainings, and expirations.

The screen below is where detailed employee information is entered and edited. This information is used to control, access, and track employee information throughout the system.

Fleet Dynamics has a navigation section which allows the user to find a particular employee quickly. The upper gray shaded region distinguishes the navigation area. Searching for a particular employee can be accomplished by employee code, employee type (Other, Driver, Mechanic), or employee name.

Underneath the navigation section is where detailed information for each employee can be entered. The Type field has the down arrow which accesses a picklist for you to choose the employee position type. The Employees window has a number of tabs you can choose from to insert information. The tabs change depending upon the employee type. An other employee type screen will show relevant tabs such as Basics, Certificates, and Notes.

A mechanic type will have Rates and internal ROs tabs in addition to the ones found under Other employee type as seen the screen below. The Rates tab is for mechanic types only, it takes mechanic labor rates and hours worked to provide reports such as total mechanic cost to the company.

The employee type, driver, will show the following tabs: Basics, Certificates, Notes, Daily Logs, internal Repair Orders (int. ROs), external Repair Orders (ext. ROs), and Receipts.

As shown above, the detailed personal contact and emergency information for the employee is edited and tracked under the Personal tab.

As shown above, the fleet manager will also be able to track the expirations of the employee's driver license, medical, drug testing, safety, and HAZMAT training. The fleet manager will be able to print a report of these expirations and a personal letter to the drivers or mechanics when their expiration becomes due. These reports and letters can be created on a daily basis automatically.

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