Fleet Dynamics Client/Server 32/64 is our newest maintenance management software creation. It is designed to service both owner-operator and companies with a fleet size of under 10,000 vehicles or equipment. If you plan to run Fleet Dynamics as a single user, and from a stand-alone computer, then read only the Workstation Requirements. If you plan to run Fleet Dynamics from many computers that access a network server, or multiple servers, then read both the Workstation Requirements and Server and Network Requirements.

Workstation Requirements

A workstation is defined as a computer that the user can directly interact with and touch. In other words, it is a PC or notebook computer. As an absolute minimum, Fleet Dynamics C/S 32/64 requires an Intel Pentium based processor fed by 32 MBytes of RAM and running at least Windows 95. A small fleet should possess a minimum of a 1 GByte hard drive. The PC should possess a color monitor with super VGA graphics, 800x600 resolution. It should possess a 28.8 kb Fax/Modem. This will allow you to fax purchase orders directly from Fleet Dynamics to the vendor, and allow us to provide you with online technical support. If the workstation is connected to a network, then the appropriate network card should be installed and connected. These computers should possess the TCP/IP network protocol to allow for the proper connection to the Fleet Dynamics database server.

In general, the Fleet Dynamics client application is designed to run under all 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. This includes Windows 95, 98, Me, NTv4, 2000, and XP, 7 and above. Each of these Windows products require more PC resources the newer the version of Windows. As a general rule of thumb, a PC less than five years old, and possessing not more than one major upgrade of Windows from the original, will support the Fleet Dynamics software system. Please contact infinite quanta for more specific information of the workstation hardware and operating system.

Server & Network Requirements

The server is defined as a computer in which many workstations are connected and have concurrent access. The specifics of server hardware greatly depend on the size of your company and the level of database and server use. The Fleet Dynamics server requires a small amount of server resources. Its native database server, Borland Interbase, requires less than 20 Mb of RAM on the server. This is a miniscul amount when compared to Microsoft's SQL Server of 1.7 Gb of RAM. In general, a server that is less than five years old and running Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, or XP, or Linux, will meet the needs of Fleet Dynamics. Please contact infinite quanta for more specific information of the server hardware, operating system, and database server software.

FirebirdSQL is Fleet Dynamic's native database server. We chose FirebirdSQL because of its low-cost, flexibility, and power. We call it the little brother to Oracle, for it also follows the SQL-ANSI-92 standard. Firebird is scalable, in which it will run on a stand-alone notebook or desktop PC, as well as a full blown network server. Firebird is cross-platform, in which it will run on servers configured with the Windows, Unix, Linux, and Novell operating systems. Interbase is well suited to meet the needs of Fleet Dynamics.

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