In 1990, we began to develop a simple maintenance management system. In 1991, we sold our first program to the largest dairy in the country. At this time, Fleet Dynamics became a practical, simple, and user-friendly system.

During the past ten years, since our world-wide web debut, many inquiries for Fleet Dynamics have surfaced. Most of these inquiries have been from mixed, diverse equipment fleets such as municipalities, local and state government, education, and heavy equipment. Due to these inquiries, we have rewritten Fleet Dynamics to accommodate these specialized needs of equipment diversity, expense, history, and tracking. Fleet Dynamics is has been developed to handle the most diverse vehicles and equipment while providing true 32- and 64-bit implementation for the Windows 95, 98, Me, NTv4, 2000, 2003, XP, and 7 and above operating systems.

The bottom line is that we at infinite quanta are open to your comments and needs. In all honesty, we can not allow ourselves to believe that we can create a fool-proof system, that is simply too arrogant. However, with your help, through dynamic evolution and development, we can get extremely close. This is our ultimate goal, to create the best software to manage your shops, maintain your fleet, and allow you to accurately track your fleet's past, manage your day-to-day transactions, and project into the future.

In short, we are in business to provide you and your company with cost effective fleet maintenance tracking and management. Many software companies will provide modules, options, or accessories with their base package. We will not nickel and dime you. We provide only the full Fleet Dynamics System, no matter the size of the your fleet. This ensures that you are provided with all the tools required to effectively manage your fleet, today and tomorrow.

infinite quanta, inc.

Brewster Transportation of Banff, Alberta, Canada is the premiere transportation company for the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Ice Fields. With a fleet of over 120 MotorCoaches and 21 highly specialized SnoCoaches, Brewster Maintenance has the responsibility of ensuring the fleet stays on the road and in excellent working condition. Since 2000, Rob Lavery uses Fleet Dynamics to track these equipment, and its expenses, and keep a detailed log of purchase and usage history of the parts inventory.

The Town of Whitby, Ontario, Canada has used Fleet Dynamics for both conventional and unconventional maintenance management. Since 2000, Conventionally, the town uses Fleet Dynamics to track the 1000 vehicles of both the town's equipment and the equipment of other surrounding municipal departments. Unconventionally, they use Fleet Dynamics to track the maintenance of the town's roads, streets, drainage, and other transit subsystems. Their unique and broad approach to maintenance management has certainly proved the effectiveness of Fleet Dynamics.

The City of Salisbury, NC is a municipality that prides itself on its independence and cutting edge information technology (IT) department. Since 2001, Jake Sterling is responsible for over 1,200 municipal and mass transit vehicles. Their vehicles range in street maintenance, snow removal, police, fire, utility, and buses. Fleet Dynamics is stored on their central server and implemented across two city-wide repair shops. The City of Salisbury has been using the updated 64-bit version of Fleet Dynamics since December 2014. Salisbury has been using our new integrated barcode scanner using the real-time wifi accessible Motorola MT2090 color display barcode scanner.

Carroll County, Maryland is has a huge municipal fleet with over 1,300 vehicles and equipment. Since 2001, Carrol County has served Fleet Dynamics C/S 32/64 directly off of their IT department's blade server under VMWare with a dedicated fiber line between the shop operations and their IT department. Fleet Dynamics also imports fuel and driver logs from PetroVend and FuelMan.

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