A user-friendly fleet management system for all versions of Microsoft Windows, including 32- and 64-bit Windows. This dynamic system will track and report cradle-to-grave using fully integrated daily logs, ROs, PMs, inventory, POs, and accounting.

Fleet Dynamics is a fleet maintenance management software for all types of equipment. This includes automotive, airplane, marine, railroad, truck, heavy equipment or construction, golf cart, and municipal fleets. Fleet Dynamics can also manage a fleet of mixed equipment types. For example, if your fleet includes long truck hauling, such as tandem tractor-trailers, and heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, dump trucks, and the repair shop itself, as well as light equipment, such as lawn mowers and weed wackers, then Fleet Dynamics can seamlessly allow ROs, PMs, and daily logs to account for mileage or hourage based on the equipment type of a particular piece of equipment. The equipment types are completely flexible and configurable.

A single truck, for instance, requires preventative maintenance, fuel, oil, mileage, repair tracking, trip sheets, and out-of-state DOT tracking. These daily transactions are required to understand the efficiency and total expense of the truck. A fleet containing more than 30 trucks requires full-time personnel to compile, calculate, and maintain these records. Some fleet managers can perform these duties with only a paper and pencil, and some with Excel, but the most efficient fleet and distribution managers require an automated maintenance management program. Fleet Dynamics is the leading program in user-friendly fleet maintenance management and reporting.

Fleet Dynamics will allow a single data entry person to maintain a fleet with as much as 600 equipment pieces. This single person will quickly master the program, usually within three hours of training. Once the program is mastered, this user will be able to enter repair orders, external tickets, receipts, repairs, daily equipment and driver logs, preventative maintenance, parts inventory, purchase orders, and account payables.

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