Fleet Dynamics is based on four general concepts. The first is the user-friendly design throughout the system. Fleet Dynamics fully implements the graphical user interface (GUI) of Microsoft Windows 32- and 64-bit OSs. It possesses Advanced Searching to allow you to find your data quickly and easily, and Toolbar Buttons to allow you control the inserting, editing, and viewing of data.

The second is monthly or annual close-outs do NOT exist. Fleet Dynamics is truly dynamic, all information and data is free flowing. You enter information into the program as you need, no matter how old. If you need a monthly expense report, then you simply enter the beginning and ending date of that month and Fleet Dynamics calculates the expenses and reports it for that month. This control over the reports allows you to access most of the reports by any beginning and ending date. It is in this way, that the reports can be created for any single day, week, month, quarter, year, or decade. The control is yours.

The third general feature is related to the second. None of the information you enter into Fleet Dynamics is thrown away. You spent the time and money entering the valuable information into the computer. Fleet Dynamics saves all of the data for future access and reports. This allows Fleet Dynamics to provide the complete history, cradle-to-grave, or entire life tracking and reporting of a single vehicle and the entire fleet. For instance, if the DOT is auditing your out-of-state mileage for the past five years, then Fleet Dynamics will provide you this report in a matter of minutes.

And finally, Fleet Dynamics does NOT base its operation on the type of fleet or equipment you may manage. Fleet Dynamics focuses on the concept of managing a repair shop, its mechanics and parts, and all of the expenses related to your fleet and equipment. Fleet Dynamics allows you to completely customize and configure groups or individual pieces of equipment. This flexibility allows you to effectively manage any type of fleet, whether of single form, such as automobile or tandem tractor-trailer, to mixed and multiple forms, such as heavy construction or municipality.

These four general concepts are the foundation of Fleet Dynamics. They have revolutionized the future of fleet maintenance, management, tracking, and reporting. They will revolutionize your fleet maintenance and management.

Fleet Dynamics Function Levels:




Equipment Types:


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Daily Logs:

Operating Systems:

In summary, all your current fleet management operations are designed into the simple and easy to use Fleet Dynamics. Repair orders, preventative maintenance, inventory, purchase orders, employees, vendors, expenses, daily logs, reports, and D.O.T. certification and regulation tracking are all at your fingertips. Finally, Fleet Dynamics will provide the necessary information to develope a realistic fleet replacement program that will fit your budget.

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