External receipts and tickets allow you to enter and track any purchase based on a receipt or ticket, and charge that cost, or group of costs, to a specific piece of equipment from a specific vendor. Fleet Dynamics maintains a record of your fleet's receipts to account for those expenses and actions performed on those vehicles or equipment.

Below is an example of a receipt. Fleet Dynamics has the ability to pull only those records you desire. For instance, only those receipts were pulled based on the date range of "01/01/02" to "10/15/02". The user has highlighted the Begin/End word in green. This indicates that only those receipts will be pulled based on the date range. Receipts may also be controlled via Driver, Equipment/System, and Vendor, shown in aqua.

The basic information for the receipt is under the General tab. It reveals the date of the receipt, the equipment and system, as well as the driver. The Usage field will store the mileage (hourage) of the system and update the current mileage (hourage) of that system accordingly. The PM? field conveys that the repair was created from the PMs. This example was not created automatically from the preventative maintenance.

Since receipts are external expenses, then they will be passed to the account payable system. This allows Fleet Dynamics to balance receipts into vendor statements. The below screen shows the Invoicing tab that allows tracking of the vendor, invoicing number, and cost. The invoice date is the date of the receipt, shown above.

Below is the Cost Items view of receipts.

The above view allows you to itemize each separate expense. You may enter any number of separate cost type classifications via Fleet Dynamics internal cost centers. There are 12 cost centers, with examples such as Registration, Insurance, Fuel, Oil, and Wash. The General Ledger may also be entered to allow for cross referencing with your accounting department. The Amount field is used to track fuel and oil consumption and can be used to calculate the engine efficiency of your equipment. These cost items can be used to create reports to track the type of expenses on the equipment.

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