Repair Orders are the focus and center of any respectable fleet or equipment maintenance management software system. Fleet Dynamics optimizes this viewpoint to an extreme. It allows you to customize any equipment or system type and perform repairs on it. It does not limit you to repairing only certain types of vehicles and/or equipment.

Repairs, maintenance, and management of a fleet is a huge expense to a company. It is natural to desire an automated system for tracking repairs and their associated equipment and systems. Internal Repair Orders are those repairs performed within your company. These repairs are those that require your own shop, mechanics, and parts inventory. These repair orders are designed to accurately track your total repair and PM costs to the system, track your mechanics time and expenses, and track your parts expenses leading to complete inventory control. This inventory control naturally leads to a complete purchase order and accounts payable system.

External Repair Orders, also known as Invoiced Repair Orders, are used to track those repair orders outside your company. It is those repairs performed by an external repair or body shop. To your company, these external shops are vendors, therefore general ledgers and invoicing information are associated with these repairs. These repair orders are directly linked to the accounts payable system and can be applied to vendor statements.

Please refer to the following links for more information concerning internal and external repair orders.

Internal Repair Orders

External Repair Orders

Common to both internal and external ROs is the tracking of maintenance. Maintenance types, such as oil changes, body work, and accident repairs, are all performed through the use of a maintenance coding system. Maintenance coding systems are analogous to general ledger systems or expense coding under an accounting department. Maintenance coding allows a shop to accurately define maintenance codes and compile reports based on types of repairs or actions of maintenance against a vehicle or piece of equipment, or the entire fleet. Maintenance coding is also known as Vehicle Maintenance Repair System or VMRS. The American Trucking Association, or ATA, has a predefined set of VMRS codes. Fleet Dynamics refers to maintenance codes as both VMRS or simply by Repair Codes. Fleet Dynamics can conform to a standard set of VMRS or ATA repair codes or any maintenance coding scheme desired. Fleet Dynamics allows you choose the Repair Code format to best suit your maintenance tracking needs.

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