Full technical support is provided by infinite quanta for Fleet Dynamics. The support is directly provided by the people who designed and developed this maintenance management system. This is in order to provide your company with the best possible technical support and training available on the market.

Onsite technical support and training can be provided shortly after the installation of Fleet Dynamics on your network and computers. Generally, five days of onsite training are required to fully teach the system.

Online technical support and training are also provided via the telephone service or internet. It is in this manner that we can provide the most efficient support at a minimal expense to your company. This support allows our computers to directly communicate and link via 28.8, or greater, FAX/modems and Symantec PC Anywhere. This allows us to view the same computer screens, while simultaneously talking on another phone line. This manner of support can be accomplished from across the country or the world.

The Annual Service Contract provides three services. First, updates of the program. This will maintain your company with an updated maintenance management program which will provide new features and reports. Second, monthly maintenance of your data files. This will prevent data loss due to natural use of your computer hardware. Third, online technical support and training through the telephone service or internet, which was discussed above.

Finally, infinite quanta can provide your company with custom programs that will suit your individual company needs. The majority of custom programs are transfers of accounting information from our maintenance program to your current accounting department's server and software, such as an IBM AS-400 mainframe or Unix minicomputer. Custom programming can also include reports that allow your management or financial officers specific analysis of the maintenance data.

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