Vendors are the basis of the Parts Inventory and Purchase Order system. The following screen shows the basic vendor information of code, name, address, and phone numbers. It also shows the normal and after hours contact and extension of the vendor. Fleet Dynamics uses this vendor information to create the proper purchase order and access the fax number to send the order directly to the vendor's fax machine.

Fleet Dynamics allows any number of parts per vendor. Or, each vendor can supply any number of parts. The following screen is a cutout of the above Parts tab.

As can be seen Shell Canada Products Ltd. provides two parts, diesel and unleaded fuel, to the shop. Fleet Dynamics allows the shop to possess its own part number for UNLEADED FUEL, which corresponds to the Shell's Vendor Part # of S3877-UNLEADED-2424. The rest of the Parts tab is simply the Parts Inventory screen.

Fleet Dynamics possesses a complete accounts payable package. This user-friendly system allows the external receipts, external repairs, and purchase orders to be compiled by vendor and vendor statement. Accounts payable then allows these three payment centers to be applied to the statement. This additional system allows the fleet manager an additional layer of cost analysis for the fleet.

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